General Information

11160 C-1 South Lakes Drive, #808
Reston, VA 20191
United States of America
Main Phone: 866.682.2729 (toll free within the US)
General Email: [email protected]
Membership Phone: 866.682.2729 x7080
Membership Email: [email protected]


Press/Media Inquiries: 866.682.2729 x7065 or [email protected].


Staff Directory

Executive Office

James Rowan, CAE, SFO, CEO/ Executive Director
866.682.2729 x7061
[email protected]

Siobhán McMahon, CAE, Chief Operations Officer/ Deputy Executive Director
866.682.2729 x7076
[email protected]

Sabrina Soto, CAE, Chief Development Officer
866.682.2729 x7088
[email protected]

Angela Tombul, Executive Assistant & Governance Relations
866.682.2729 x7063
[email protected]

Government & Public Affairs

Elleka Yost, Director of Advocacy & Research
866.682.2729 x7065
[email protected]

Corporate Partnerships

Sabrina Soto, Chief Development Officer
866.682.2729 x7088
[email protected]

Mary Kay Hill, Corporate Relationships Manager
866.682.2729 x7089
[email protected]

Tahirah Martin, Corporate Marketing Coordinator
866.682.2729 x7069

Fatima Awan, Corporate Outreach Coordinator
866.682.2729 x7067
[email protected]


Lorie Grooms, CMP, Details First LLC Event Planning, acting as Director of Events
866.682.2729 x7087
[email protected]

Certification and Financial Programs

Allison Barton-Kramer, Director of Certification & Financial Programs
866.682.2729 x7079
[email protected]

Nathan Williams, Financial Programs Coordinator
866.682.2729 x7068
[email protected]

Alisha Giffin, Program Support Coordinator
[email protected]


Cristin Watson, Director of Education
866.682.2279 x7086
[email protected]

Julie Stout-Matthews, Manager of Online Learning
866.682.2729 x7077
[email protected]

Garrett Johnston, Education Coordinator
866.682.2729 x7066
[email protected]

Rachel Galzerano, Online Education Coordinator
866.682.2279 x7083
[email protected] 


Jackie Wallenstein, Director of Membership, Engagement & Outreach
866.682.2729 x7082
[email protected]

Theresa Boulware, Membership Manager
866.682.2729 x7080
[email protected]

Susan Anderson, Engagement & Volunteer Manager
866.682.2729 x7097
[email protected]

Lesley Perez, Member Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

Riley Lorson, Membership Coordinator
866.682.2729 x7074
[email protected]

Marketing & Communications 

Tim Hutchison, Director of Marketing & Communications
866.682.2729 x7072
[email protected]

Lacey Schenck, Marketing & Communications Manager
866.682.2729 x7075
[email protected] 

Rachelle Perez, Graphic Designer
866.682.2729 x7084
[email protected]

Patricia George, Editor, School Business Affairs
[email protected] 

Finance & Administration 

Melissa Williams, Finance & Administration Manager
866.682.2729 x7071
[email protected]