2021 ASBO International Election Results

The ASBO International 2021 Election ran from September 15 to 29, 2021. 

2022 Vice President

John Hutchison, CPA, MBA, SFO


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2022 First-Year Directors

Mike Barragan

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Lynn Knight, CSRM

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ASBO International members were asked to vote on a recommended bylaws amendment.

The following was approved to be added to Article V, Section 5 of the ASBO International Bylaws as the new subsection (d) which allows the Board to take action outside of a duly called board meeting.

Any action that could be taken at a meeting of the Board of Directors may be taken without a meeting if a consent in writing, setting forth the action so taken, is approved in writing by all of the Directors. The consent shall be evidenced by one or more written approvals, each of which sets forth the action taken and provides a written record of approval. All the approvals evidencing the consent shall be delivered to the Secretary to be filed in the corporate records. The action taken shall be effective when all the Directors have approved the consent unless the consent specifies a different effective date. Any such consent approved in writing by all the Directors shall have the same effect as a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.”

If you have questions, please contact the election committee chair, Claire Hertz

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